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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I sold some of my cast iron!

Yes, it's true. I looked at my cast iron collection and decided I had entirely too much, so I listed some stuff on ebay.

Just a few "non Lodge" pieces that I wasn't using, and probably wasn't going to.

As I've said before, the first to go was the ultimate turkey roaster, for various reasons.

Next to go was my two pie pans. I wasn't using them, and I have two #7 skillets and a 9 inch skillet, which can be used for pie.

I really prefer a handle that I can grab when removing stuff from the oven, so my oven gloves don't get dirty.

And then the Old Mountain loaf pan.

Now, loaf pans are wonderful to cook in, but I really don't need five of them!

Old Mountain got the ax because it's shaped slightly different than a standard loaf; The edges are beveled, instead of straight like a normal loaf pan.

Finally, the four small griddles from Sante Cabin. Brownie skillets, cookie skillets, whatever.

Not because they aren't useful, but because I have plenty of small Lodge pans that are useful for the exact same purposes.

I tried to sell the Old Mountain 4 quart oval pot, but nobody bought it and nobody would take it for free, so I guess I have myself a pot.

There was nothing wrong with it; I just wasn't using it. In fact, I made my most recent pork tenderloin in that pot just so I could say I used it once!

I prefer round pots to oval.

Soon I'm going to sell one of my #9 skillets (11 inch), which is the perfect size I think... but I just don't need two of them.

At some point I'm going to purposely try and use my ultimate dutch oven to see if I want to keep it. I haven't used it yet; haven't had reason to.

Some might say hey, you can't have too much cast iron! Admittedly though, I looked around and thought to myself, yes, I have entirely too much.

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