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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Round or oval dutch ovens?

Someone posed the question, which shape dutch oven is better-- round or oval?

There's no difference in functionality.

Some prefer oval because they can fit larger pieces of meat, such as chicken and leg of lamb, in a pot that takes up less space.

Others have stated that when stirring in an oval pot, liquid tends to splash more easily.

All I have is round, so I can't give a comparison. I just use my 7 quart for large meats, but some might prefer a smaller pot.

The only regular cast iron oval shaped pot I could find, from a brand I trust, is pictured above, a 4 quart covered casserole* by Old Mountain.

*Covered casserole = dutch oven. Same thing.

The above pot is 11 inches long, so you might as well just use the Lodge 7 quart, which is 12 inches, for large meats.

Griswold and Wagner used to make them, and they can sometimes be found on ebay.

Le Creuset and Straub make enameled oval dutch ovens. They're expensive, though.

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