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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I learned today about the ultimate dutch oven

This is the ultimate dutch oven, by Camp Chef.

I've tried to research this particular piece of crockery, only to find a lot of hype, and not much practical stuff. I had questions about it, that I never could find answers to:

Does it fit in a volcano stove? Can it be used on the stovetop? Can the top be used on the stove as a skillet?

I finally got to hold one in my hands today and see for myself.

Yes, it fits in a volcano stove, which is designed to hold dutch ovens up to 12 inches.

It technically is not made for the stovetop*, due to the legs, although if you turn up the heat it's possible. But that is an inefficient use of fuel.

*On a gas stove it's OK, just remove the grate.

It can be used in the oven, if you take out the top rack, and put the bottom on the lowest tier.

The lid can be used over coals as a skillet as well as a griddle; Most dutch oven lids can only be used as a griddle.

And since the lid has its own legs, you don't need a lid stand to use it as a skillet or griddle.

But, you cannot use the lid on the stovetop, because of the handle. It will not sit level on the burner; The legs are too short.

Eventually I will actually use the ultimate dutch oven, to see if it really does cook so much faster than a regular dutch oven, as the company claims.

They also claim you don't need top heat for this, except for baking. I may try that out, or just use top heat anyway, since it's so windy here in North Texas.

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