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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"a pork rub"

When a friend told me he used "a pork rub" on pork tenderloin, I figured I could just go to the store and buy pork rub.

But there were none to be found, so I made up my own: sage, thyme, allspice, and paprika.

Then I put that on some pork tenderloin and basted it with apple juice.

Into the oven, in a covered cast iron pot, at 350.

When the pork was done, I removed it from the pot, poured in more apple juice, and reduced* it on the stovetop to a thick syrup.

*"reduce" means to boil it until it reduces, or thickens.

Then I poured in some more apple juice and reduced it some more. Returned the roast to the pot.

It was wonderful that way.

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