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Friday, July 30, 2010

Cast iron pie pans-- Lodge doesn't make them

Pictured above are cast iron pie pans. Lodge does not make them; These are Sante Cabin and Old Mountain, respectively.

Both pie pans are larger than a 9 inch skillet, smaller than a 10 1/4 inch.

Yes, I'm a nerd and I measured.

I've later learned that this is a size 7 pan. The 9 inch is a size 6, and 10 1/4 inch is size 8.

If you're a true Lodge fan and would rather use Lodge, the 9 inch skillet serves well for pie; The chef skillet and 10 inch pro logic skillet also work.

Of course the pans are useful for so much more than just pie. They're essentially skillets, without a panhandle. They fit in some toaster ovens.

I've read reports of people using cast iron as a dog dish, since it's too heavy for him to flip over. If I were to do that, I'd use the Sante Cabin pie pan.


  1. great read. i sell pie irons at
    If you ever want a deal, call me and ask for a coupon code.
    thank you for the read, love reading about folks using cast irons stuff.


  2. Good site... I don't have a pie iron yet but I've often thought about getting one, might be fun to use on the stove.

  3. I don't know the Rome brand. How is Rome cast iron, as far as quality?

    I would definitely think a cast iron pie pan would be better than aluminum, though.