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Thursday, August 5, 2010

brownie skillets, cookie skillets, party pans

These are the Camp Chef "skookie" skillets. The square ones are called "brownie skillets" and come with brownie mix; The round ones are either called "cookie skillets" and come with cookie mix, or "party pans" and come with no mix.

The cookie skillets and party pans are the exact same pans. The brownie mix was gross, so I'm sure the cookie mix is too. Use your own mixes.

The pans are sold in pairs, and are about 6 inches in diameter.

They're marketed as an opportunity to spend time with your kids by making dessert together.

As with all cast iron, their uses are not limited to cookies and brownies. Use your imagination.

They're the perfect size to fit on those small emergency propane burners.

Honestly, I got these because someone told me I had too much cast iron, so I decided to prove a point. And it was Christmas time, anyway.

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