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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Lodge 14 inch camp oven lid

This is a Lodge camp oven lid. Why is that so important?

I learned from this blog article that you can use the 14 inch camp oven lid as a cover for the Lodge wok.

(The 12 inch camp oven lid fits the discontinued Lodge stir fry skillet).

Woks traditionally do not have lids; The main purpose would be to keep food warm, and to keep the moisture in, before serving and during the meal.

The author of that article likes to cook extra and have leftovers for lunch the following day. So the lid is quite handy for preserving those leftovers, without having to package them up immediately after cooking.

I also believe that a lid would greatly expand the usefulness of a wok, since you can now use it as a covered skillet or pot.

I saw a video once, where a man scrambled a dozen eggs using the 14 inch camp oven lid. Personally, I'd prefer to use a skillet.

Now, researching the price of a Lodge 14 inch camp oven lid, I've found that the camp oven itself is not much more.

What causes me to balk, is the simple fact that I don't need another pot.

But if I were to get one, it would probably be the 14 inch deep camp oven, and here is why:

The 14 inch regular camp oven is 8 quarts, and so is the 12 inch deep camp oven, which I've already got. So, another 8 quart pot would be redundant.

The 14 inch deep camp oven is 10 quarts, and would be great for roasting a turkey over coals, which I've never done and would like to try.

I've sold my ultimate turkey roaster for reasons outlined in past articles*, so this would make a nice replacement.

*Mainly, turkey is best roasted in dry heat, and the ultimate turkey roaster "steams" the turkey.


  1. You all ways need an other pot, if it is a cast iron Dutch oven pot.I have over 25 camp ovens and use them all, regularly. You can also use the lid as a griddle.


  2. thanks for the link!

    I knew about using lids as a griddle although I've not personally done it yet...