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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shallow camp ovens vs. deep camp ovens

So far, the cast iron pots I've owned and used have been for indoor use.

I'm still learning about pots made for outdoor use: camp ovens, with legs and flat lids.

A regular camp oven is about 4 inches deep, and is meant for breads, desserts, or stews.

Pictured above is a deep camp oven, which is designed to hold large meats, such as chickens, hams and rib roasts.

The Lodge 12 inch regular camp oven is 6 quarts, while the 12 inch deep camp oven is 8 quarts.

The 14 inch regular camp oven is also 8 quarts. While they have the same volume, the 12 inch deep camp oven has the advantage of being able to fit larger meats.

Which one you choose really depends on what you want to cook.

The 12 inch camp oven, deep or shallow, is the most popular, adequate for families and small groups, and is a good start.

Many find, once they get into outdoor camp oven cooking, that more than one camp oven is necessary. But so far, I don't have my first one yet.

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