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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lodge stir fry skillet - discontinued

This was the Lodge stir fry skillet. It was discontinued and replaced by the Lodge wok.

Some complained about the design; It was awkward to handle, and the sides were not high enough, causing food to spill out when stir frying.

The newly designed wok has higher sides and loop handles, instead of the panhandle.

Some argue that a wok should not be made of cast iron, but of carbon steel.

Since I've never used a carbon steel wok, I can't comment on the advantages or disadvantages.

Before my cast iron frenzy, I used a wok almost exclusively, as an everyday skillet.

Not because I was an avid Asian food cook-- I just liked to use the wok.

It made lots of tuna helper and spaghetti meat sauce.

Remember that infomercial in the 80's, advertising "the wok" and how great it was? A universal pan that could cook almost anything!

And that's exactly what it is.


  1. What years did lodge make this long handle Wok?

  2. I think I remember seeing the stir fry skillet in the 2000 catalog. But since I'm no longer a paying member of the wagner and griswold society, I no longer have access to their archives, so I can't look it up and see for sure.