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Friday, February 25, 2011

Yankee Ribs (smoked)

Tonight was my first experience with smoking meats outdoors.

I used the ultimate turkey roaster, a special dutch oven meant for roasting turkey.

It can also be used for smoking meats.

The instruction manual includes four additional recipes; one is for yankee ribs, which is what I made tonight.

Season beef back ribs with steak seasoning.

Put 1/2 cup of smoking chips in the bottom of the roaster*, then put the rack on top of the chips, then the ribs on top of the rack.

*I was told, after the fact, that it's best to soak the wood chips in water for a couple of hours before you smoke with them; As I'd never smoked before, I didn't know that, and the instruction manual didn't say to. Oh well.

Put the roaster on medium heat and leave the lid open a crack until it starts to smoke. Then put the lid completely on.

The recipe states that you can cook on low heat for 2 hours, or medium heat for 45 minutes.

I checked the ribs after 30 mins on medium heat, and they were done.

Keep in mind that since this pot has a convection cone, cooking times are faster. You could do the same thing in a regular cast iron pot, but it will take longer.

Coat the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce and eat.

Honestly, I preferred the ribs I cooked three weeks ago.

These were OK, but I'm not a big fan of smoked meat. I prefer grilled or roasted, although I did want to try this recipe.

So at this point, I've used this pot to roast turkey outdoors and indoors, for ultimate veggies, and for smoked ribs.

The turkey, both times, was OK, although I prefer it fried or roasted in the oven.

The veggies were also good, but could have just as easily been done in a smaller pot.

This pot could be very useful as a smoker; I'm just not a fan of smoked meat.

I intend to try the recipes for cornish hen and ultimate roast soon.

After that, I don't know when or if I will ever use this pot again, although I don't regret buying it and learning about it.

I may sell it on craigs list. I'm torn, since it's discontinued and hard to find, yet it's also large, cumbersome, and a pain to clean.

But now I also have the ultimate dutch oven, which also has a convection cone, but is smaller, and includes a top rack as well as a bottom.

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