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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

contest for the Lodge oval mini server

This is the Lodge 9 oz oval mini server.

It's not to be confused with the new 36 oz oval server, which is bigger.

You can read more about Lodge tableware mini servers here and here.

Now why would I be writing a dedicated article about this little piece of crockery?

Because there's a contest going on right now.

Apparently Lodge mini servers are used in restaurants across the country, although in my years of going to restaurants, I've never seen one.

So if you go to a restaurant and order something served in this particular mini server, take a picture of it and upload it to the Lodge facebook page, along with the recipe.

The best photo and recipe will win FOUR of those oval mini servers.

Personally, I don't even need one, let alone four of them!

The Lodge website says they're "perfect for asparagus tips and mushroom tips".

I'm sure they're great for looking cute when having guests over for dinner.

They are about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. So if you can picture, that's smaller than a 6 inch skillet, which is plenty small I think.

Again I say, 100% useful for its intended purpose, BUT the small skillets serve the exact same purpose and more.

And the skillets are cute too!

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