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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I "wondered" what I'd ever use these for

Pictured above are 3 tiny cast iron skillets: The 5 inch square "wonder skillet", the 5 inch round skillet with lid, and the 6 inch skillet. Personally, I "wondered" what I'd ever do with skillets that small!

Note that these are not the Lodge miniature skillet, which is smaller and meant for decoration.

Not pictured is the four inch wonder skillet, which I obtained later.

The truth is, they ARE small, and you won't be able to cook a full meal in them. But that doesn't mean they aren't useful, and that's where using your imagination kicks in. You can toast spices, heat up dip on the stove, make individual hot desserts, melt butter, roast peanuts or pumpkin seeds.

With the 5 inch round skillet, the lid is key for making a perfectly shaped egg for a breakfast sandwich, as well as roasting garlic cloves in olive oil on very low heat.

The wonder skillet makes your egg a perfect square shape, to fit regular bread for sandwiches.

What do you do, when a recipe calls for 1/2 an egg? Cook up the other half in one of these skillets, as a treat for the dog!

What do you do, when you have more batter than your cake or muffin pan will hold? Bake it in one of these skillets.

I also found the square skillet to be great for keeping individual servings of french fries hot.

The wonder skillet is marketed as a skillet for grilled cheese sandwiches today, but was once called an "egg skillet."

A consumer reported using the round ones for burgers. I'd rather cook those on a grill pan, since the grease drips off and there's enough room to flip.

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  1. The smallest I have is a #3 Griswold LBL. It works great to scramble 2 eggs for my kids to share, but that's all I've been able to do with it.