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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fancy cast iron servers

This is some fancy cast iron serving ware. Lodge has 4 different models*. I don't have any.

*Lodge just now came out with three more varieties. They are expanding!

They're meant for just that, serving. Appetizers, sushi, condiments, desserts. You get the idea. Entertaining in style.

I'm a big fan of cast iron, mind you, and agree that they are cute. I also completely agree that they are useful for their purpose.

But I feel that the mini skillets, such as the 5 inch square "wonder skillet" and the 6 inch round skillet, serve the same purpose, at a lower price.

In fact, the round mini server is the exact same size as the 6 inch skillet, without the pan handle.

Here are some reported uses for these servers: A food dish for the dog that he cannot flip over; Breakfast scrambles; Grilling onions and warming sauce on the BBQ; Portion control; Keeping bell peppers sizzling hot at the table; One-person casseroles; Roasted potatoes; Heating food on the fireplace insert; Using in the toaster oven.

The product literature goes on to suggest: Asparagus tips, mushroom tips, chilled cheese and fruit, fresh egg rolls over noodles, chicken wings.

Of course these are all great uses; But, small skillets have the same uses for less money.

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