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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lodge has expanded their tableware line!

Lodge has added three new products to their tableware mini-server line.

Pictured above is the 12 oz mini serving bowl, and the 10 oz square server.

Not pictured is the 36 oz oval serving dish, which looks like the oval mini server, but is bigger.

That dish is marketed as a "serving vessel for quail and wild rice", or "cold seasonal veggies and london broil." "The possibilities are endless."

As I've said before, I completely agree that the mini servers are useful for their intended purpose.

But, I also think that the small skillets serve the exact same purpose.

If you don't have the oval serving dish, not to worry; Quail and wild rice, or cold seasonal veggies and london broil, are just as good served in a skillet!

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