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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ultimate Roast

Ultimate Roast is the final recipe in the manual that came with the ultimate turkey roaster.

I've already tried the other recipes, which were for ultimate veggies, yankee ribs, and cornish hen.

Since I no longer have my turkey roaster, I used the Lodge 7 quart pro logic pot. I think it was my first time using that pot!

I seasoned the roast with Lawry's seasoned salt with cracked pepper. Melted butter in the pot, and browned the roast.

Added quartered red potatoes, baby carrots, onion quarters, whole mushrooms, a few corn cobs, minced garlic, 1/2 can of Coke*, and more seasoning**.

*I wonder how it would have tasted with beer instead of Coke?

**I should have added bacon bits. That would have been tasty! Whole garlic cloves could also be used, instead of minced.

Covered the pot, into the oven at 300.

After 2 hours it wasn't done yet, so I upped the temperature to 350. Although it's always better to cook roast "low and slow".

After it was done, I added Worcestershire sauce for flavor.

When I was eating it, I added "bacon salt", which gave me the idea that I should have added bacon bits. It was my first time trying "bacon salt" on anything.

Having tried every recipe in the manual, I can now discard it, since I no longer have the pot.

I conclude that there's nothing you can cook in the ultimate turkey roaster, that you can't cook in any large cast iron pot.

I do acknowledge that the convection cone speeds up the cooking process, as the recipes do take longer than stated in the manual. But, it was cumbersome and such a pain to clean.

At first I thought I might regret getting rid of it; I don't have any regrets, nor am I sorry I tried it out.

I do still have the ultimate dutch oven and plan to try that out eventually.

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