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Sunday, February 13, 2011

ultimate veggies

The makers of the ultimate turkey roaster figured you'd want to use it for more than just roasting turkey.

So the instruction manual included four additional recipes.

I would have liked more, but anyway.

One of those recipes is called "ultimate veggies".

This seems like an awfully big pot to cook what I consider a side dish, but I finally tried it.

This recipe was modified from the manual:

You need red potatoes, baby carrots, yellow onions quartered, whole mushrooms, grated cheese, 1 cup sour cream, 1 can cream of mushroom soup*, 1/2 stick butter, seasoned salt, and worcestershire sauce.

*I would have preferred cream of chicken soup, I think.

The original recipe called for white potatoes as well, and no worcestershire sauce.

It didn't call for whole garlic cloves, but I should have added those too.

Pour 1 cup of water at the bottom for steaming; I dissolved a spoonful of "better than bouillon" chicken flavor in the water.

Quarter the potatoes and add them first. Then the baby carrots, then the quartered onions, and the mushrooms. Mix 1/2 stick butter with the can of soup and sour cream*, and pour over the top.

*I should have diluted the soup with some milk. I didn't, and it had too much "bite".

Wait until it's almost done before you add the grated cheese.

I let it steam on the stovetop for 1/2 hour, checked for doneness, let it go a little more. When the carrots were soft, I added the grated cheese and let it go 10 more mins to let it melt.

Then added seasoned salt* and worcestershire sauce for flavor.

*The recipe called for a special camp chef seasoning, but "season all" seasoned salt worked just fine.

Because this pot cooks by steaming, the cheese didn't melt the way I like. The cheese would have been better melted under a broiler.

This recipe could have just as easily been done in a regular cast iron pot in the oven, although maybe not as fast, since the convection cone speeds up cooking.

The other recipes, besides turkey, are for smoked ribs, cornish hen, and ultimate roast. Eventually I'll try those too.

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