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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lodge divided rectangle mini server

What on earth do you do with this?

This is the Lodge divided rectangle mini server. It's part of their tableware line.

You can't really cook in it, unless you want to make three brownies or three cornbread squares*.

*A consumer suggested it was "great for mini meatloaves for the kids."

The Lodge website suggests serving three chicken wings, or heating and serving three different types of sauces.

I figured it might be good for serving sushi. But as many sushi places as I've been to, I've never seen it used for that.

I've really never seen it "used" at all.

There's a recipe posted on the Lodge website which can be served using this: Steamed Appetizer Sampler.

Note that you can't COOK it in this pan; you SERVE it in this pan.

I don't have one, don't plan to get one, just thinking about it and wondering what I'd ever use it for.

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