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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My first camp oven dessert

This is a Lodge camp oven.

Traditionally, smaller sized camp ovens have been used to make desserts, and I made my first camp oven dessert.

Right now there is a burn ban in Midland, so I could not use coals; I just put it in my regular oven at 350.

This recipe came from the manual for the ultimate dutch oven, which is the smaller cousin to the ultimate turkey roaster.

See my earlier article comparing the two.

Even though the recipe came with the ultimate dutch oven, I decided to use a 4 quart Lodge camp oven, which fit the recipe just fine.

The recipe was Cherry Soda Cobbler, but I like strawberry better so I used that.

2 cans of pie filling, 1 yellow cake mix, 1 can of Sprite.

First add the pie filling, then the yellow cake mix, then the Sprite.

Into the oven at 350. I checked on it after 30 minutes and left it in a little longer, until I could smell it.

It was good, except that I completely forgot the cool whip. Never forget the cool whip!

I think next time I will use only ONE can of pie filling, or perhaps frozen strawberries.

The cake mix I used was Duncan Hines.

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