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Saturday, July 2, 2011

I wouldn't get this skillet without the lid

This is the Lodge 5 inch round skillet.

It has a matching lid, sold separately; I wouldn't buy this skillet without the lid, which greatly expands its usefulness.

Since it's small, you can't cook much in it, but a previous article will give you ideas for what to do with tiny skillets.

With the lid, you can cook a single egg for a breakfast sandwich, and you don't have to flip-- The lid traps the heat in, and cooks the top of the egg.

Another thing you can do with the skillet and lid, is roast garlic cloves on the stovetop. Peel the cloves, add olive oil, and cook for an hour or more on very low heat.

You can't cook a grilled cheese sandwich in this pan; It's too small.

A consumer reported that it was the perfect size for cooking 3 breakfast sausage links; When I tried that, they ended up "deep frying" in their own grease, which I don't like.

I'm not sure if you can cook a burger in this or not; Perhaps if you preheat the lid. I might actually try that*.

*Not recommended. While it did cook, as with the sausages, it "deep fried" in its own grease and I don't like that.

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