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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Lodge rimmed oval serving griddle

This is the Lodge rimmed oval serving griddle.

It's the same diameter as the fajita pan, but the serving area is 30% less, for portion control.

If you've seen a standard sized fajita pan, you know that the serving area isn't that big to begin with.

I can't imagine that this pan sells very well. I think it's hideous.

Lodge has been increasing their "serving ware" line, and aggressively marketing to restaurants.

In fact, their standard products, the wonder skillet and 6 inch skillet, have been placed on wood underliners and rebranded as serving ware.

I'm sure it's lucrative; Serving on cast iron is attractive, and keeps the food hot.

I wonder what is actually served on this plate?

I can't imagine steak, since you need room for cutting, and for your steak sauce.

Whatever it is, not a whole lot of it. When I go to a restaurant, I want my money's worth!

I saw a picture of this pan outside of the wood underliner; It's even uglier that way.

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