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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fancy cast iron serving platters

This is a fancy cast iron serving platter.

Lodge has a few models; This one is meant for prime rib, and it has a well for your "au jus".

Isn't that nice? I like ketchup with my steak, but I've been told that's a faux pas.

These platters are meant for serving sizzling steaks and keeping them hot at the table.

And I completely agree that they serve their purpose; However, the 10 inch griddle serves the exact same purpose for less, minus the fancy au jus well.

I've used mine to bake pizza rolls.

If you'd prefer a smaller griddle for serving (such as for fajitas), Lodge also has an 8 inch, which I use for frying my eggs, as well as a 9 inch shallow, intended for serving tortillas.

Or, you can use the ever famous fajita pan, referenced in my previous post!

Fajita pan = small griddle = serving platter. They're the same.

They can be found at

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