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Monday, October 11, 2010

the Griswold square egg skillet

This was the Griswold square egg skillet.

At 4 5/8 inches, it was meant for cooking one egg.

The egg would shape itself perfectly to fit on a piece of toast.

It's too expensive; The Lodge "wonder skillet" serves the same purpose, for less money.

I can't find any information on why it's called a "wonder skillet."

My best guess is, it can cook a grilled cheese sandwich made with Wonder bread.

But I "wondered" (no pun intended) how that was possible. Wouldn't the sandwich be awkward to flip, since the skillet is so small?

So I decided to find out this morning. I used a serving spatula, and it was no trouble at all.

You could make an "egg in a basket" with this skillet, which I have never made. You know, a piece of bread with a hole in the middle, with an egg cracked in it and fried?

In the cookbook "a skillet full", there's a recipe for "seafood skillets" which calls for 4 wonder skillets.

But, I'm sure small skillets or griddles of any shape will work.

They used to make a 4 inch "small wonder skillet", but it was discontinued.

It's too small to fit a piece of bread. I guess you could cook one egg, or meat to go on a sandwich.

Then again, you could do that on a 5 inch skillet too. I'm not surprised it was discontinued.


  1. I have this and the matching bigger piece.. they have a little rust on them. How would I properly clean and season them? I dont want to mess them up :)

  2. You can use coca cola to clean surface rust off a cast iron pan. You'll probably have to reseason it.

    My article on how to season cast iron is here: