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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two eggs in a wonder skillet? Seriously?

This is a wonder skillet. It's a newer version of the original egg skillet.

Someone suggested to me that she loves to make two eggs in her wonder skillet.

I was like, seriously? You can fit two eggs in a wonder skillet? No way! I thought it was for ONE egg!

So I decided to try it. Indeed, it can fit two eggs!

Because the wonder skillet is not my designated egg pan, there was no way I could flip them in this skillet without breaking the yolk.

So I scrambled them.

So there you go! If you want an egg sandwich with 2 eggs instead of just one, then you can do it in this skillet.

Perhaps the four inch skillet was meant for one egg, while the five inch could fit two. I don't know.

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