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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I saw this skillet in a movie

I saw this skillet hanging over a fireplace in a movie, and wondered what it was for.

It looked similar to a square skillet I have, with partitions, which is called a Bacon and Egg skillet.

I had previously thought that the partitions were just cosmetic, since surely you don't need partitions to cook bacon and eggs on the same skillet?

I later learned that the partitions did serve a purpose; to shape the eggs into squares. I guess people used to like their eggs square.

Indeed, the above skillet is a "round breakfast skillet", for the purpose of cooking bacon and eggs.

The round skillet is very rare and expensive; A more affordable alternative is the square breakfast skillet, which is also no longer made.

Please see this video that shows a bacon and egg skillet being used.


  1. I'd love one! I always heard they were so one could make bacon or sausage, eggs and a pancake at the same time. Anyone one wanted to use it would be fine of course!

  2. I have the square one. It's pretty cool. That's a good idea, to also make a pancake with the eggs