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Monday, June 21, 2010

Bacon and Egg skillet, a novelty item, discontinued

This is a bacon and egg skillet, also known as a breakfast skillet. It's no longer made.

It's partitioned so you can cook 2 or 3 bacon strips and 2 eggs on the same skillet.

I think it's mostly a novelty item*, since you don't necessarily need partitions for that. But it's cute.

*In no way does that mean the skillet isn't useful. You can do many things with this skillet. I just think the partitions are more cosmetic than useful.

Lodge used to make them; I could not find one anywhere. But Wagner and Griswold used to make them, and I was lucky enough to snag one.

I had no idea how old it was, and couldn't find a reference for the model number, which is 1101A. But I contacted an expert collector, who told me it's from circa mid 1920's to mid 1930's.

This collector is called "the pan man", and he has a website with good information:

So far all I've used it for is to reheat leftovers, but I'm sure I'll find many great uses for it besides bacon and eggs!

Please see this video that shows you the bacon and egg skillet being used.

Apparently you tilt the skillet before adding the eggs, in order to have just the right amount of bacon grease.


  1. We have one of those. I'm counting on your fertile imagination to think up some good ways to use it!

  2. Um, the squares really do have a purpose. Here's how a bacon and eggs skillet works. You want just the right amount of bacon grease to fry the egg.

  3. Very informative video. I didn't realize that. I'll have to update my articles to reflect that information. Thanks!

    please see my article on "practical use of the bacon and egg skillet"