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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The cast iron plett pan

This is a cast iron plett pan.

None are currently made by a brand I trust, but Griswold and Wagner used to make them.

I've seen them erroneously called aebleskiver pans before; They're not. There's a difference.

It's used to make pletts, which are Swedish egg leavened pancakes served with lingonberries.

Several recipes for pletts are here and here.

Each indentation makes perfectly shaped silver dollar pancakes.

Some plett pans have daisy shaped indentations, for daisy shaped pancakes.

Reportedly it can also be used to make blinis, which are Russian pancakes. I'm sure it can make good old American pancakes too!

I imagine it would be awkward to flip each individual pancake in their molds.

I've tried to get an old one on ebay, but just cannot justify paying over $50 for a novelty pan.

If I ever decide to make this delicacy, I'm sure my trusty Lodge griddle will work just fine. They won't be perfect circles, but they'll taste the same.

Too bad Lodge doesn't make a plett pan, or I'd already be "thinking outside the box" and figuring out what else to do with it!

Someone asked if you can poach eggs in a plett pan. No; The indentations are too shallow.

You can, however, make muffin tops.


  1. Seriously, Lingonberries are the best thing ever! I adore them! As for the pan, I say make crepes in your cast iron skillet. That is probably more authentic anyway. :-)

  2. I have a plett pan that I bought years ago. i didn't know what it was for until I read your blog! I have only used it a few times. I scramble eggs and fill the indents with just enough to make a small "pancake". Once they are solid I flip and cook the other side. I use them to make "Mark McMuffins", my take on the egg mcmuffin. By the way, Canadian bacon fits them thar holes too! One pan cooking two ingredients for one great sammich! Thanks!

  3. Recipe links go nowhere. But love the posting!