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Monday, August 2, 2010

Cast iron grill presses

These are Lodge grill presses.

The rectangular is 6x4 inches; The round is 7 inches; And the new panini press is 8 inches and fits neatly into the Lodge 10 inch square skillet or grill pan.

They're meant for pressing down on meats and grilled sandwiches, in order to cook from both the top and bottom without flipping.

I've had reservations about getting one, thinking that I'd have to preheat them on the electric stove, and won't it make my food taste like stove burner?

Then a light bulb went on in my head: You can preheat it in the oven. Duh! And I'm sure a gas stove burner wouldn't be a problem either, but I have electric.

The only real difference between them is, the panini press is ribbed, and the other two are not.

From what I understand, they make less work of hash browns, crab cakes, salmon burgers, corn fritters, and all kinds of stuff you cook on a griddle.

It sure would have made my quesadillas a lot less hassle! So maybe I should pony up and get one.

Here's a funny, someone complained that they "didn't realize it only came with a top and not a bottom! I had to buy two before I could use it!"

Um, you're supposed to use it with a pan.

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