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Saturday, June 11, 2011

practical use of the bacon press (grill press)

This is a grill press, also called a bacon press, and I used one for the first time today*.

*My second use was for burgers.

It's meant for keeping your bacon from curling.

It's also useful for grilled sandwiches, burgers, and the like, for faster cooking.

I also have a panini press, which is useful for paninis of course, but not so much for bacon due to the ridges. The bacon press is flat.

It did exactly what it was meant to do: It kept the bacon from curling, and it helped to cook the bacon faster. I rather like it!

You definitely want to have a plate handy, to set it on and keep bacon fat from dripping all over the counter.

Lodge also sells a round grill press, meant for use in their round skillets (so corners don't get in the way).

As I said in a previous post, boy do I wish I'd had one of these, the last time I cooked hash browns, crab cakes, salmon burgers and quesadillas!

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