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Monday, August 2, 2010

The 1 quart camp oven

This is the Lodge 1 quart camp oven. Because of the legs, it's suitable for outdoor use only*.

*Unless you have a gas stove, and take off the burner grate. Or put it in the oven.

Lodge doesn't make a regular 1 quart pot*-- I wish!

*An employee of Lodge told me that the idea is "currently being reviewed."

I'm currently researching to see if Griswold or Wagner ever made them, and if so, how difficult it is to get one.

It's used to make smaller portions of your favorites. The lid can be inverted and used as a very tiny griddle.

One major complaint I've found: Look very closely at the lid. The handle is not looped; It's solid, which means you can't pick it up with a dutch oven lid lifter. Which makes it very awkward to lift the lid with hot coals on it!

I'm guessing you could use channel lock pliers, but many people drill a hole through the solid handle and install a ring, in order to use a lifter.

Here's a recipe for this pot that someone posted on Amazon: Cut leftover steak into strips, add cabbage, onion (and whatever other veggies you want), garlic and steak seasoning. 1 cup water or broth. 9 coals on bottom, 6 on top. Cook 1 hour.

I'm sure that same recipe can be cooked on the stovetop, and I'd like to try it!

Another consumer reported using this pot to make Irish soda bread for 4 people.

Apparently Lodge used to make a 1 pint camp oven as well, but that was discontinued, and is now a very hot item, selling for around $300.

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