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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The famous Lodge 5 inch camp oven

This 5 inch camp oven is made by Camp Chef. I couldn't find a picture of a Lodge.

Lodge discontinued theirs in 2000, and since then, it's become a very hot item.

When there is one available for sale, the price is quite high.

It's only one pint. It was meant for melting butter, making sauce, or individual desserts.

It has few uses, but it's cute and a collector's item.

Lodge claims that it was discontinued for lack of demand, but evidence shows the contrary.

Or perhaps it didn't sell at the time, and now everybody wants one because it's discontinued.

It's rumored that the real reason was, it had to be cast by hand due to being so small, and it was no longer cost effective.

Due to so many people contacting the company asking for their return, Lodge compromised by offering a 6 inch camp oven, which was 1 quart.

That camp oven can be cast by automated means.

Lodge is the only cast iron foundry still in the USA, and unfortunately to compete with other companies while still remaining here, it's had to discontinue a lot of products.

Rumor also has it that it's only on the "temporarily discontinued" list, and not the permanent list, which indicates that at some point it may return.

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