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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What is the Lodge L series?

This is a Lodge L series pot. What is the Lodge L series?

Lodge has two lines of enameled cookware: The Lodge Color series, and the Lodge L series.

I wondered what the difference was, besides that the L series is more fancy and expensive?

The Color series is the lower end line, and more basic looking.

It includes dutch ovens, skillets, grill pans, roasters, and covered casserole dishes, in 4 different colors.

The L series is the higher end line, and more decorative. It includes dutch ovens, oval casserole dishes, and apple pots, in 3 different colors.

The L series colors are not red, green and blue; They are Patriot red, Apple green and Liberty blue.

The L series has 4 coats of enamel; The Color series has two coats.

Consumers report that they have found pinholes in the enamel of the L series cookware, which can cause rust, that are not found in the Color series.

The general consensus is, although the Color series is cheaper, it has better quality control.

The Lodge enameled cookware is made in China; The regular cookware is still made in the USA.

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