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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Lodge apple pot

This is the Lodge 3 quart Apple Pot.

It's an enameled decorative pot, meant to be an attractive serving dish, and boasts an "ideal shape for slow-cooking projects." It's $99.

Reportedly it can be used for "marinating, refrigerating or freezing", which I had not realized was a perk of enameled cast iron. Non-enameled isn't normally used for that*.

*Because of rust issues, you shouldn't leave liquid in cast iron for long periods of time. Enameled is rust resistant.

Other than that, the only difference between this and my $28 3 quart dutch oven, is the cute color and shape. They're functionally the same.

I may not be able to refrigerate, freeze or marinate in my dutch oven, but it IS an attractive serving dish, and the ideal shape for slow-cooking projects!

Now, I can see the convenience of being able to refrigerate or marinate. But why would you want to put cookware in the freezer, especially a $99 pot?

It also claims to "instantly become the center of conversation." I believe that. I can talk about cast iron for hours!

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