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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Lodge Jumbo serving griddle

This is the Lodge Jumbo serving griddle. This one doesn't have a handle.

Lodge used to make one with a handle; It looked like a jumbo sized fajita pan.

But I can't find it in any of the catalogs, so I don't know when, although I suspect around 2006.

It's 10" x 13", while the fajita pan is 7" x 10".

I guess it's more feasible to not have a handle when used for serving food in restaurants; The handle might have been awkward.

But I'm not serving food in restaurants; I use my cast iron to cook, and I prefer a handle!

If a griddle doesn't have a handle, I have to grab the edge, and the food might get on my oven glove, which I don't like because then I have to wash it.

Now, if I were to voice my concern to Lodge, they would tell me to just use the 10 inch round griddle.

There was a handled one on ebay just the other day; Unfortunately I lost the bid.

So for now, I'll just have to stay happy with the round griddle.

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