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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cast iron pie irons

These are cast iron pie irons. They are also called sandwich irons.

In Australia, they're called jaffle irons*. At first I thought that was a typo for waffle iron, but it's not.

*Apparently, jaffle irons have shorter handles, for stovetop cooking and smaller fires. Also, the handles can be removed for easier cleaning.

Most of them are round, square, or double square. They also have slotted ones, for grilling meats, and ones designed for hot dogs, waffles, and panini.

Square or round just depends on your personal preference. A double square can cook 2 sandwiches, or larger foods.

A round pie iron crimps the edges of the bread together to form a seal. The seal locks in flavor, which many prefer. A square pie iron cooks unsealed sandwiches.

Most of them are made from aluminum. Aluminum may be lighter and cheaper, but it can melt, and the teflon scratches.

Cast iron pie irons can be used in coals; Aluminum ones cannot.

Cast iron cooks much better, and can stand the high heat. You won't regret it!

They come apart, so they can be used as tiny skillets.

They would be great if all you could cook in them is hot sandwiches; But, they cook much more.

You can fill them with anything you want, and cook it. With or without bread or pie crust.

Lodge does not make them. Camp Chef and Old Mountain* make the basic designs-- round, square and double square.

*Old mountain pie irons do not come apart; The hinge is permanent.

Rome makes the widest variety of designs. I don't know that brand, but you can purchase them here.

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