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Sunday, October 17, 2010

And what on earth is a queso fundido?

This is an enameled cast iron queso fundido.

Actually, queso fundido is a Mexican cheese fondue served with tortilla chips.

This is actually a fondue pot with a stand; You keep it hot with a tea light candle.

There are no fondue pots in traditional cast iron, but there are small skillets.

Actually the Sante Cabin cobbler pots are perfect, but they're discontinued.

You could use the Lodge dutch oven lid stand as a fondue pot stand.

Fondue is melted cheese. You can use my recipe for queso sauce. I'm not sure there's much difference between that and fondue.

As far as what cheese to use, I've seen recipes that include any type of cheese that can melt. Cheddar cheese does NOT melt well at all.

Some recipes I've seen include ground beef, onions, olives, and whatever else you want to add.

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