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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lodge breadstick pan

This is the Lodge breadstick pan, which is discontinued. I couldn't find any information or reviews, except that it didn't sell very well.

It's supposed to be for, well, breadsticks. But it can also be used for tamales*, or to toast bread.

*Tamales are usually made by the dozen; This pan has only 11 spaces.

You could possibly use it as a small broiler pan, but it's only 7 inches wide.

Here's a breadstick recipe.

It's sometimes incorrectly called a cornbread pan. Although you can make cornbread in it, it's a breadstick pan, not a cornbread pan.

It's very rare, so if you can't get one, not to worry. You can use a cornstick pan for breadsticks.

Wagner and Griswold used to make them; One is listed on ebay for $65, more than I want to pay.

So I guess I'll have to stay happy with using my cornstick pan.


  1. I found one of these this weekend I have had to search all over the internet to find out what it was! Thank you for the information, glad I bought it now!

  2. Most standard cast iron muffin pans have 11 wells, a row of 4, then 3, then 4 again. I don't know if that's why the breadstick pans have 11 slots as well, but they all do. I have a lot of muffin and gem pans, but only one breadstick, a wagnerware with nickel plating, which I'm hoping to find a recipe for. Looking like they all call for yeast and a doubling period, a problem for me but not insurmountable.