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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Large oval roaster / baker / fryer / griddle (sportsman's cooker)

This is the Old Mountain large oval roaster / baker / fryer. The lid doubles as a griddle.

It's 20 x 9 x 3 1/2 inches. Too large for an electric stovetop*, and may not fit in all ovens. It's meant for outdoor use.

*I found out later that it fits over two gas stove burners.

It's listed as only being 4 quarts, which doesn't make sense; I calculated 630 cubic inches, which amounts to 10 quarts.

Customer reviews state that the lid doesn't properly fit the pan, causing uneven heat distribution.

So unfortunately I can't recommend Old Mountain's version of this pan.

Lodge used to make an equivalent product, called the Sportsman's cooker, now discontinued, which was meant to be used with their Sportsman's charcoal grill.

Lodge had two versions of the sportsman's cooker: One had a lid with ridges on the inside, that doubled as a grill pan, and the other had a smooth inside lid, that doubled as a griddle.

The top from the Sportsman's grill fits right in that pan as a rack, for baby back ribs.

At one time the bottom part of the pan, without the lid, was sold as an oval shaped fish pan.

I wish Lodge still made it. It's listed on ebay right now, for way more than I can afford.

I just found that Camp Chef has an equivalent product (and so does Cabela's, which is made by camp chef). So that's an option if you want.


  1. I'm switching from cooking in non-stick to cast iron so I was thrilled when you posted your site. I just purchased two pieces which are preseasoned and ready to use. I'm not confortable with that but then they should not be washed with soap. So...there they sit. I'm determined to learn so your site is one of my new favorites! Have a great and blessed day.
    Darlene in Ks

  2. Thanks so much! It's a normal learning curve for sure, but they're really easy to clean with just hot water and a brush-- or I use those blue sponges with a gentle scrub surface you can buy at wal mart. Be sure to towel dry completely so they don't rust.