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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lodge fish pan (which I do not have)

This is the Lodge fish pan. I don't have one, and Lodge no longer makes them. It's 20 inches long, 12 inches wide, 3 inches deep.

It doesn't fit a standard household oven; It's meant for outdoor use.

There was also an oval shaped fish pan, meant to fit on the Lodge Sportsman's grill.

Actually, that oval shaped fish pan was just the Sportsman's cooker, without the lid.

It was designed by a Lodge employee who wanted something big to fry a lot of fish and chicken in. He got the idea when he saw his son's toy wagon.

Bayou classic does make and sell a similar pan, but I'm not impressed by the quality of their cast iron. It may be cheaper, but trust me-- stick to Lodge.

The closest thing to that pan available right now, is the Lodge 17 inch round skillet.

There was a 20 inch round, but that's also discontinued.

Personally, I would use my 15 inch skillet. It's smaller, but it will do.

Here in cajun country, Zatarain's Fish Fri and Chick Fri is very popular for fried fish and chicken. It's essentially, corn flour with seasonings.

Using regular corn flour, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and seasoned salt, would be a lot cheaper. Add paprika for chicken.

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