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Sunday, August 22, 2010

cast iron "fryer pan"

This is a cast iron "fryer pan", or so it says.

It looks like a large sandwich iron, which is used to make grilled sandwiches over a campfire.

The owner reports that this pan is larger than one sandwich, but too small to make two sandwiches. So I'd estimate about 8 inches.

I've never used a sandwich iron, but apparently you can fill it with anything you want and cook it over a campfire. They can be either round, square, or rectangle shaped. Also called a pie iron.

Reportedly, this pan's intended use was for cooking sausage on the stovetop. But just like a sandwich iron, you can cook anything you want in it.

To use this pan, you would first preheat one side on the stove, then flip and preheat the other side, then flip again, and add your food.

Actually, this reminds me of an electrical appliance I once had, but never used, called a "meal maker express". It was a knock-off of the George Foreman grill, which I also have, and never use.

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