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Monday, August 2, 2010

The cast iron comal

This is a cast iron comal, also known as a shallow serving griddle or tortilla griddle.

It's not to be confused with a regular griddle. It's more shallow; notice it doesn't have much of a lip around the edge.

Lodge classifies this griddle as "new style", and the regular griddle as "old style."

The comal is a mexican griddle, mostly for cooking and serving tortillas (or almost anything else).

Comals were used by the Aztecs to cook over an open fire.

It's a tradition in some Hispanic cultures, for a mother to pass on the comal to her daughter.

Lodge markets this griddle to restaurants, for serving bread and tortillas and keeping it warm at the table. And I definitely agree it's good for that.

I originally hoped I could cook eggs in this griddle, but the shallow rim causes eggs to slip off the pan. I still use it often, mostly to reheat leftovers.

I've never made tortillas from scratch, but that is normally what a comal is used for.

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