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Friday, September 2, 2011

from prime rib, to pizza rolls

This is the Lodge au jus platter. It's meant for serving prime rib in restaurants.

It has a special well to pour your au jus in, for dipping.

You could also use it for horseradish sauce, steak sauce, or ketchup.

What?? Ketchup on steak?? I never knew that was a social faux pas, until I moved out West.

But as you can see, I've done something a little different with my fancy prime rib platter.

I used it to bake pizza rolls, which might also be considered a social faux pas.

I love Totino's pizza rolls. They're a wonderful afternoon snack.

I didn't do it on purpose-- it just happened to be the first thing I grabbed out of the cabinet.

So there you have it-- yet another use for the fancy au jus platter!

Oh, there's one thing you shouldn't try to cook in this: fried eggs. They run right into the au jus well.

But this wasn't meant to cook eggs in anyway.

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