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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rick Bayless Pepper Roaster

This is the Rick Bayless cast iron pepper roaster.

The pan has no bottom; It's meant to suspend the grill part over the heat, to roast peppers in order to make salsa, chili powder, or enchilada sauce.

It's not recommended for use on electric stoves, but on gas stoves.

Due to risk of fire from fat drippings, I would definitely not grill meats on this pan.

You can warm tortillas, or toast bread. Or roast other veggies besides peppers.

This comes with a griddle attachment, so you can use it as a griddle to cook anything you want.

This item is discontinued. Since I've been able to warm tortillas using my Lodge trivet, I wonder if you can also roast peppers on the stovetop with that.

But, since I loathe peppers of any kind, I won't be trying it anytime soon.

Supposedly you roast the peppers until they char, then brush the charred part off and use them.

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