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Friday, June 25, 2010

Thinking outside the box - trivet

This is the Lodge 8 inch cast iron trivet. Of course, it can be used as a trivet, to protect your tables and countertops. But I've actually never used it for that.

I most often use this as a bottom rack for my pots. This trivet fits the Lodge 3 qt, 4 qt and 5 quart pots like a glove; It can be used in the 7 and 9 qt as well, but will not cover the entire bottom. Use it to keep your meats above the drippings.

It's possible that this can be used for baking breads outdoors in your dutch oven, but I've never done that before, and don't know if the rack needs to be higher for baking.

You can turn your 10 inch skillet into a grill pan or broiler pan.

You can heat it up on the stove and use it as a bacon press, sandwich press, or burger press-- of course you would need a pair of tongs*.

*Some people do that, but I found that awkward. Use a real grill press.

I use it to warm tortillas on the stove.

Other reported uses include: Olive pitter, warming tray attached to the BBQ grill, surface for a makeshift tiny charcoal grill, and on an induction cooker for non-induction pans.

It's a useful little tool.

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