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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

makeshift pizza oven for use over coals

This is a Camp Chef Deluxe 14 inch camp oven.

Deluxe camp ovens are different from regular camp ovens, in that their lids are deeper and have legs.

This enables them to double as a skillet to use over coals, without the use of a lid stand.

Regular camp oven lids can double as griddles, with the use of a lid stand.

I found an article from someone who uses two 14 inch deluxe lids, as a makeshift pizza oven.

To do this, you need a special pizza ring adapter in order to create a good seal.

I don't think Camp Chef sells their deluxe lids separately; You may have to buy two camp ovens.

Then again, when I made pizza on the stovetop, the one in the deep skillet turned out better than in the regular skillet.

I attributed that to better heat circulation in the deep skillet, although I could be wrong.

I wonder if you could just flip the deluxe oven over*, and use the bottom part as a dome lid?

*From what I'm told, yes, but you need welding gloves to take the pot off; the lid lifter won't work.

That way, you wouldn't need the special adapter because the pot already has a good seal.

I don't have a deluxe dutch oven in order to check that out, and no current plans to get one.

You can certainly make pizza in a camp oven, and eventually I plan to try it.

But, I can see how the shallow pan would be easier to use, as far as cutting and serving.

Someone reported to me that he uses his regular camp oven, upside down, on a lid stand.

Maybe I'll try that, maybe I won't.

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