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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MACA brand camp ovens

This is a MACA brand camp oven. MACA specializes in deep camp ovens.

Their camp ovens are much heavier because they are made with more metal.

They claim that this reduces burning, distributes and retains heat more effectively, and enhances the "pressure cooker" effect due to a heavier lid.

Their dutch ovens are also sized differently than the usual standard sizes.

For example, an 8 inch, which is 2 qts; A 10 inch, which is 4 qts; Or a 12 inch, which is 6 qts.

For MACA camp ovens, the smallest is a 9 inch, which is 5 quarts.

An 11 inch is 9 quarts; A 13 inch is 12 quarts; A 15 inch is 18 quarts; A 17 inch is 29 quarts.

The biggest is 22 inches, which is 45 quarts and 160 pounds.

By comparison, the biggest Lodge is 16 inches and 12 quarts.

You can get them with a plain lid, or a personalized lid for $45 more.

They also have oval shaped camp ovens, which have a removable divider.

So you could either cook two dishes at once, or one large bird, ham, or roast.

MACA started out as a manufacturer of cast iron industrial equipment.

They got the idea for their deep camp ovens from the furnace linings they were already casting.

They just added legs and a lid, and bingo, a deep camp oven!

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