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Monday, October 11, 2010

The garlic prawn pot

This is a cast iron garlic prawn pot. It's an Australian thing.

It's a BBQ accessory, meant for cooking and serving "garlic prawn", a delicacy in Australia.

It's similar to shrimp scampi, except it's prawns cooked in a sauce, served with bread, or over rice.

Apparently it's also used for a dish called "sizzling chicken hot pot."

The volume is approximately one quart.

There are many recipes, and they all looked so delicious I couldn't pick one.

You can do a search on the following websites, which had quite a few:

Or you can try the sample recipes here and here.

Basically, you mix the marinade, soak the prawns for hours, grill the prawns on a skewer, heat up the marinade in the tiny pot, and serve the prawns in the pot with the marinade.

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