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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dad's Steak recipe

This recipe is from the cookbook "Cast Iron Cuisine: From Breakfast to Dessert."

It's called "Dad's Steak" because that's how the author's father used to grill steaks.

It called for grilling steaks frozen solid, without defrosting. Which I was skeptical about.

You preheat your outdoor grill until it's really hot. Then put the frozen steak directly onto the grill.

While I was doing this, my counterpart insisted I season the steak, even though the recipe doesn't call for any seasoning.

I added my usual, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper.

The recipe calls for blue cheese, which we did not have, but we did have blue cheese salad dressing.

Grilling steaks that are frozen, causes it to be done on the outside, rare on the inside.

I normally enjoy my steaks medium rare.

And I had never tried blue cheese with steak, either. Now that is addictive!


  1. Matt will be pleased to hear that you enjoyed his dad's way of doing steaks. I'm glad you had the courage to try it, despite its strange-sounding method!

  2. I'd never tried blue cheese on steak before either. OMG it's addictive!

  3. One thing's certain: this man can cook. I've put on fifteen pounds since I met him!

  4. Hence the idea to write a cookbook! I'm finding a pattern in his dishes, several of them are similarly prepared. but with different ingredients.

    Browning in fat (or I use butter), deglazing with wine and stock, simmering on low, removing the meat and degreasing the liquid, reducing the liquid, etc.

  5. Matt says if you like the blue cheese flavor (from the salad dressing), it will be even better if you use the actual blue cheese. He says you can also substitute Roquefort or Stilton and it will work very well.