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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can a camp oven be used indoors?

So far, I've maintained that camp ovens, due to their legs, are designed to be used over coals, and are not suitable for use indoors.

Then I read a dutch oven cookbook, suggesting "in case of rain", to use your camp oven indoors.

OK, I could see using it in the oven; You just have to be more careful because of the legs.

And maybe even over a gas burner*. But what about electric stoves?

*I have since moved into a house with a gas stove, and indeed you can use it on the stovetop as long as you remove the grate.

So I decided to try it, using my trivet. The pot did indeed get hot.

You need a higher heat setting, since the pot is over the burner*, and not directly on it.

*For electric stoves. For gas stoves, once you remove the grate, it's the same.

Possible, yes. Not quite as practical, since you have to use more heat and more fuel (on electric stoves, that is).

And I definitely would not BAKE on the stovetop, since baking requires more heat on top than on bottom; if you're baking, use the oven.

This was important to me because I'm eventually going to get a camp oven.

But I also want a 6 quart pot, and have not been able to find one suitable for indoor use.

Sure the enameled pot is 6 quarts, but enamel chips, and is expensive.

If I can get a 12 inch camp oven, which is 6 quarts, then I'll have my 6 quart pot.

It will only be practical for oven or outdoor use, but then again, so are two of my skillets.

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  1. I've done the same thing with my #10 Lodge Camp DO, it turned out just fine and yup the burner (electric coil) was set on meduim high to get the right heat.