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Friday, August 20, 2010

What's a posnet?

This is a cast iron posnet. I asked the same question you're asking: What's a posnet?

The term was coined in 1327 England, to mean a "small pot".

Also called "sauce pots" or "butter pots", they're meant for melting butter or making sauce.

They were also used in the Revolutionary War to melt lead for musketballs.

I've never seen one with a wire handle, so I don't think they were hung over a fire; They could be used over coals or on a wood stove.

Lodge used to make a similar pot, and called it a "water skillet". I guess that means it's a skillet for boiling water?

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  1. I see this is dated 2010 but wonder about the use for lead. We've found lots of info in a shorter time. What is your source for the lead/musketball theory?