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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tom Douglas by Pinzon Lodge Deep Fryer

This is the Lodge Combo Cooker.

Oh wait, I mean the Tom Douglas by Pinzon Lodge Deep Fryer with Skillet Lid!

Actually, they are the same thing.

In 2009, a television chef named Tom Douglas decided to start his own cookware line, "aimed at building confidence in the kitchen."

Among this new cookware line, was a product already sold by Lodge, rebranded under his name and marked up.

He uses this cooker on his show, to demonstrate cooking "chicken under a brick". Here is the video.

According to one consumer, the Tom Douglas version has a "greater amount of pre-seasoning" than the regular Lodge combo cooker.

Other than that, they are exactly the same.

This cooker is a deep skillet, shallow skillet, and dutch oven all in one.

It does claim to be a deep fryer, but I find it a little shallow and wide for deep frying.

For pan frying (like chicken), I would use a regular lid, not the skillet lid.

You could pay more for the label and extra pre-seasoning, but the regular Lodge, for less $$ will serve the exact same purpose.

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